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Uncle Sam

Hey! We Want You!!! 

All Boys Hip-Hop Group

$5.00 a Lesson

You will have your performance debut in the Junior Hall Of Fame Parade

Inquire at the front desk or call now!

 Calling all Lions!!! 

Take advantage of this great opportunity to participate in the big show with this extra dance.

Simba, Nala and the rest of the Lion King gang need you!


Sign up now at the front desk to be a part of this years Evening Production of the Lion King. Looking for little lions that want to dance with the “big dancers” and experience the thrill of the evening show! *Dancers must fit into a costume size XS Child – XXL Child . (Photo of this costume can be seen at the front desk)

Come join us and be a part of our year-end

Spectacular Recital at the Canton Palace Theater!

Call or stop in to sign up.



Congratulations to Avery Henderhan for winning our Holiday Coloring Contest


Wonderful job to our dancers who went to Nuvo! Congratulations to Alanna Henderhan, Zeb Henderson, Chloe Ramnarine and MacKenna McDonald for receiving scholarships and to Tara Johnson and Darius Stokes for being finalists as Break Out Artists!


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CADC warm-ups are on sale!

Inquire at the front desk or by email.

CADC kicked off the 2015/2016 Competition season with a party! Complete with our Big/Little matchup’s, the Fiesta King’s speech, pictures, pizza and fun!

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Candy Apples #thrilled the town during Canton’s 100th First Friday! We’d like to thank everyone who participated and dressed the zombie part. We couldn’t of pulled it off without you all!

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