2016 was a GREAT year for our competition team! Below are a few highlighted snap shots of our dancers at Groove Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC

*All photos were provided by Groove staff and are in action shots!

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2015 CADC Competition Team

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Energy National Dance Competition – Congratulations to all our dancers, Fabulous job at nationals!

Teen Miss Energy- Tara Johnson and Teen Mister Energy- Darius Stokes.

Teen Overalls- Tara Johnson- 2nd Overall, Ayla DeGuzis- 4th Overall, and Hannah Bloomquist -10th Overall and Emotional Execution Award.

Senior Division- Lexie Williams- 3rd Overall and Highest Interview Award Winner!

Alona Litsey- Petite Top Soloist,  Megan Houvig – 5th Overall Power Solo, Alora Boldon – 9th Overall Jr Energy Solo and Eva Wherley- 10 Overall Jr Energy Solo

Flowers in the Attic- Top Energy Small Group, Paper Dolls- 2nd Overall Small Group, Little Women- 4th Overall, Come Follow the Band – 4th Overall, You Don’t Own Me- 5th Overall Teen Small Group, Delirious- 5th Overall Teen Power Small Group, Salute- 8th Overall Teen Energy Group, My Boyfriends Back – Platinum Star Division and 2nd Overall Petite Duet, When I Grow Up- Platinum Energy Division and 2nd Overall line/production, Lips Are Movin’- High Gold Power Division and 3rd Overall duet, You & Me Against the World- Platinum Energy Division and 2nd Overall Jr Duet, Paris- Platinum Energy Division and 1st Overall Jr line/production, Little Colonels- High Gold Energy Division and 3rd Overall duet/trio, Explosions- Platinum Energy Division and 4th Overall teen duet, Empty House- Platinum Energy Division and 1st Overall Sr duet, Divas- Gold Power Division, Candy Shop- High Gold Star Division Petite Large Group, Church-Platinum Energy Division and 1st Overall teen large group.


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April 18th and 19th 2015, the CADC Competition Team attended Protege’ Dance Competition!

It was an amazing weekend! Here are the highlights:
Top Overall Awards:
Showoff- Alona Litsey- Petite Solo
Come Follow the Band- Petite Small Group
Angels- Petite Large Group
Little Women- Junior Small Prodigy Group
A Long Walk- Tara Johnson- Teen Prodigy Solo
Explosion- Teen Prodigy Duo
Take Me To Church- Teen Prodigy Large Group
Empty House- Senior Prodigy Duo
Divas- Senior Duo

Flowers in the Attic- by Erin Stein Rich
Bang, Bang- Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and Erin Stein Rich

My Boyfriend’s Back- 2nd Overall Petite Trio
Candy Shoppe- 3rd Overall Petite Large Group
The Willow- Eva Wherley- 3rd Overall Junior Solo
You and Me Against the World- 2nd Overall Junior Duo
Flowers in the Attic- 2nd Overall Junior Small Group
When I Grow Up- 2nd Overall Junior Line
Almost Lover- Ayla DeGuzis- 3rd Overall Teen Solo
Love You So- Kaitlyn Markham- 2nd Overall Sr Solo
Salute- 2nd Overall Sr Small Group
You Don’t Own Me- 3rd Overall Sr Small Group

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In March our CADC Competition Team attended Dance Masters of Ohio for their first competition of the season!

Senior soloist Lexie Williams had the 2nd highest score of the entire competition with her solo “Bang Bang”. The dynamic duo of Lexie and Tara won 5th overall in the entire senior devision for “Empty House” along with Top Overall Senior Duo/Trios. Also winning 3rd Overall in the Duo/Trio category was Ayla and Darius with “Explosions”. “Divas” Jessa and McKenna were Top Overall in their age division duo/trio! Tara Johnson was the highest scoring 13-14 top overall soloist winner with “A Long Walk”. “When I Grow Up” was 2nd overall large Group and “Take Me To Church” was 3rd overall!  Our dancers also attended DMO’s scholarship classes. Ayla, Alora, Darius, Tara, Olivia and Ella to name a few were among some of those dancers who placed within the top 5 overall in those classes. Dancers, parents and “prop dads” we are so proud of you!

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2014 CADC Competition Team 

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Darius Stokes- Teen Mr. Dance of America

Tara Johnson- 1st Runner Up Teen Miss Dance of America

Say Something- Top Teen Elite Duet/Trio

Home on the Range- Top Overall Jr Large Group- Best Choreography Award

Counting Stars- Top Elite Small Group

Friends- 2nd Overall Sr Duet/Trio

Clue- 2nd Overall Elite Small Group

Degas Art Gallery- 2nd Overall Intermediate Small Group

Africa- 2nd Overall Super Line

Copacabana- 2nd Overall Production

Little Shop of Horrors- Most Entertaining Primary Group, 3rd Overall,  Future Fame Award

Eve- 3rd Overall Elite Small Group

Gatsby- 3rd Overall Large Group

Dance With Me Tonight- 4th Overall Teen Duet/Trio

Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod- 4th Overall Secondary Duet/Trio

I Love It- 6th Overall Small Group and “Strut Your Stuff” Award

Alora Boldon- 7th Overall Jr Soloist- Full Scholarship Winner

Hannah Bloomquist- 9th Overall Jr Soloist

Emily McCartney- 9th Overall Sr Soloist

Serena Sommers- Most Photogenic Winner

Showcase Dances- Degas Art Gallery, I Love It, Little Shop of Horrors, Gatsby, and Eve

Candy Apple’s Dance Center- Studio Spirit Award Winner