Our 2018-2019 Competition Team 

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A round of “APPLAUSE” to all of our dancers!

We are so proud of you!

Applause Talent Awards:

⭐️Stranger Things- Double Platinum
⭐️Hit Me with A Hot Note- Double Platinum
⭐️Are you Gonna be my Girl- Double Platinum
⭐️You Say- Double Platinum
⭐️How to love Me- Elite Platinum
⭐️Shake the Room- Double Platinum
⭐️Too Darn Hot- Double Platinum
⭐️Got It- Double Platinum
⭐️Powerhouse Award- Ayla- How to Love Me
⭐️Scholarship Winner- Seth James
Teen Ovation Overalls
⭐️4th Overall- Eliza -Shake the Room
⭐️7th Overall- Vivi- Got It
⭐️15th Overall- Mikayla – Too Darn Hot
Teen Encore Overalls
⭐️3rd Overall- Ella-Stranger Things
⭐️4th Overall -Lizzy- Hot Note
Senior Encore Overalls-
⭐️4th Overall- Ayla- How to Love Me
⭐️1st Teen Runner Up – Lizzy
⭐️Teen Miss Applause- Ella
⭐️2nd Runner Up – Hannah
⭐️Senior Miss Applause- Ayla
⭐️Headed to Broadway Award- Mady Byrd
⭐️NYC scholarship- Havana
⭐️Fabulous- Platinum
⭐️Grown- Platinum
⭐️It’s Little Me-Elite Platinum
⭐️Blessings- Double Platinum
⭐️Havana- Double Platinum
Ovation 9-11 solo Overalls
⭐️1st Overall- Mady- It’s little me
⭐️2nd Overall- Chloe- Blessings
⭐️Junior Miss Applause- Chloe Miller
⭐️Havana- Top Overall
⭐️NYC Invite- Hot Cheetos
⭐️Dream- Platinum
⭐️Cut to the Feeling- Platinum
⭐️Purse First- Platinum
⭐️Lipgloss- Double Platinum
⭐️Broadway Baby- Double Platinum
⭐️Barbershop MacDaddy- Elite Platinum
⭐️Popcorn – High Gold
⭐️5678- Double Platinum
⭐️How Much is that Doggie- Platinum
⭐️Hot Cheetos- Platinum
⭐️Cupcake Social Club- Platinum
⭐️Baby-Elite Platinum
⭐️Not My Name- Platinum
⭐️Candle- Platinum
⭐️Do You Love Me- High Gold
⭐️My Boyfriends Back-Platinum
⭐️⭐️Top Overall Tiny Tot-EllieKay- Broadway Baby
First Call Petite Solos
⭐️6th Overall-Layla- Lipgloss
⭐️7th Overall-Annie -Purse First
⭐️⭐️Top Overall Tiny Tot Duo/Trio- Cupcake Social Club
First Call D/T
⭐️2nd Overall- Candle on the Water
⭐️4th Overall- My Boyfriends Back
⭐️Top Overall Tiny Tot Large Group- How Much is that Doggie
⭐️Top Overall Large Group Age 8 and Under- 5678⭐️
⭐️5th Overall- Hot Cheetos
Ovation Solo- 8 and Under
⭐️⭐️Top Overall- Hudson – Barbershop MacDaddy
Top Overall Ovation D/T
⭐️⭐️1st Runner Up- Annie- Purse First
⭐️⭐️Petite Miss Dance- Layla – Lipgloss
⭐️We’re Gonna Party- Double Platinum-5th Overall – NYC invite
⭐️Like A Girl- Double Platinum- 4th Overall
⭐️Concrete Angel- Double Platinum- 3rd Overall
⭐️Kids- Double Platinum- 2nd Overall
⭐️Thieves in the Temple-Platinum 2nd Overall Small Group- First Call Division
⭐️Runaway Baby-Double Platinum – 1st Overall Encore Teen Group

⭐️Bang Bang – Double Platinum 2nd Overall Encore Teen Small Group
⭐️Bohemian Rhapsody – Double Platinum
⭐️Call Me-Double Platinum -8th Overall
⭐️Haunted Ball- Double Platinum -2nd Overall
⭐️Sail Away- Double Platinum- 3rd Overall
⭐️California Girls- Platinum -5th Overall First Call D/T
⭐️Sugar N Spice- Double Platinum –
⭐️Sweet Dreams- Platinum
⭐️College-Double Platinum
⭐️Blame it on the Boogie-Double Platinum
⭐️Most Photogenic- Anastasia White
⭐️Top Scoring Studio Award
⭐️Best Open Performance- Bohemian Rhapsody
⭐️ADCC Studio of Excellence Award⭐️



Congratulations to our 2018 Regional Title Winners


2018 On Stage Dance Competition Awards and Overalls:

🔥🔥🔥Check out our amazing stats🔥🔥🔥So proud of our comp teams🔥🔥🔥

🔥Fall for You- Amazing Technical Execution – Diamond -Top Overall!

🔥ABC- High Platinum – 1st Overall Solo

🔥Ponytail- Platinum -1st Overall Petite Small Group

🔥Block Party- High Platinum – 1st Overall Petite Large Group

🔥Pokerface- Excellence in Staging- High Platinum – Most Entertaining 12 and Under Large Line- Top Overall

🔥Grandmother’s Love Letters- Diamond- 1st Overall Junior Small Group

🔥In the Navy- High Platinum- 1st Overall Novice Large Group

🔥Bullies Vs Nerds- High Platinum 1st Overall  Junior Large Group (Undefeated this season!)

🔥Being Bad- Born to Perform Award – High Platinum – 1st Overall Petite Solo (also undefeated this entire season)

🔥Bolero- High Platinum – 1st Overall Junior Solo

🔥Diary of Anne Frank- Diamond – 1st Overall Teen Advanced Large Group

🔥Burlesque- “The Show Must Go On” – High Platinum 1st Overall Teen Advanced Group

🔥🔥Studio – Class Act Award for 13 and Under
🔥Ponde Replay -High Platinum 4th Overall
🔥Catch Me if You Can- High Platinum 2nd Overall
🔥Via Delarosa – Diamond- 3rd Overall
🔥Cold Hearted Snake- High Platinum 2nd Overall
🔥Big Dollhouse- High Platinum 3rd Overall

🔥Hound Dog- Platinum – 3rd Overall solo
🔥Music Box Dancer- Platinum -4th Overall solo
🔥Gold – High Platinum 5th Overall D/T
🔥Believer- High Platinum 3rd Overall d/t
🔥Blah Blah – High Platinum 2nd Overall Junior Solo
🔥Rockstar- High Platinum -2nd Overall Petite Solo
🔥Move- High Platinum -3rd Overall Petite Solo
🔥Nature Boy- High Platinum 2nd Overall solo
🔥Endangered Species- High Platinum 4th Overall solo
🔥 Bobby Boshay- High Platinum 5th Overall solo
Ready For It- High Platinum, Bad- High Platinum, Love so Soft- High Platinum                                                Kasey Undercover-High Gold, Hold the Drama- Platinum, Beat- Platinum                                                          Mama Knows Best- Platinum, Wild Party- Platinum, Too Many Fish- Platinum

Applause Talent 2018



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2016 was a GREAT year for our competition team! Below are a few highlighted snap shots of our dancers at Groove Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC

*All photos were provided by Groove staff and are in action shots!

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Some past competition highlights

“Take me to Church”