The spectacular year end recital is held annually each June at the beautiful historic Canton Palace Theater in downtown Canton.  The recital provides an opportunity for all students to showcase their dance knowledge they have learned over the dance season.  There is always a theme and in the show a production that has been declared as Canton’s own Broadway.  Two shows are conveniently offered with preschool and younger dancers participating in a matinee show and more seasoned dancers in an evening performance. This is a very exciting event and creates memories to last a lifetime.


Our Year End Recital is Saturday June 8th

Matinee Show- Dancing with the Stars- 11:30

Evening Show- Featuring Willy Wonka- 6:30

*Tickets are on sale now at Candy Apples Dance Center

palace theatre


Here is a slideshow of some of our 2018 Recital Highlights!


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Candy Apple’s is proud to present “Pinnochio” and “Grease” for it’s 2017 recital!

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Please enjoy the slideshow below of our 2016 performance of the “Lion King”

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Gallery below features our 2015 recital!

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* Our policy at Candy Apples Dance Center for anyone quitting before the recital is as follows:
Costumes purchased for the recital but not being used in the recital will be distributed after that year’s recital. You may call the studio to set up a time of pickup. These costumes will not be at the studio until pickup has been scheduled.