Dance Classes

Join the CADC family of dance where learning is Serious Fun! Instructors and faculty teach in a nurturing positive environment and provide wonderful mentoring for every student.  We offer:

Hip Hop
Pre-school  & Combo Classes

Specialty Classes

  • Mommy and Me *Parents please wear comfortable clothing for this class.
  • Conditioning
  • Jumps and Turns
  • Fouette
  • Private Lessons
  • Rotation Classes

Dance Dress Code:


Dena Beth James It has been ten years since my son, began dancing at CADC. In these years he has shown dedication, discipline and has grown into a wonderful dancer. Cathy, Erin and the rest of the staff has made my son what he is today. I couldn’t be happier with what Seth calls his, “Dance Family.”

George Jordan Cheyenne is starting her fourth year, she loves the dancing and the teachers. She has made some very nice friends. She loves the competition team. I wish I would have gotten her older sister into dancing instead of guitar.

Alicia Tickhill We will be starting our 8th year with CADC and feel so lucky to have chosen such an amazing studio for our daughter. She has always been treated with compassion, respect and genuine care. Watching her go from a tiny little 3 year old ballerina to the dedicated, passionate dancer she is today has been incredible and we have CADC & every one of the amazing teachers she’s had there to thank. She has learned lessons about not giving up & sticking with things that carry over into all aspects of her life and has had fun & made wonderful friends while doing that. Dancing is what lights her up & I’m so thankful she has CADC there to nurture that passion.

Jolene Bloomquist Hannah has always loved to dance and when a coworker recommended CADC 10 years ago, I never dreamt what a great experience it would be! Hannah is always supported and encouraged to do her best, and has gained so much confidence over the years. And the friendships we have made…❤️! Candy Apples is our family!!!