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ALICIAMy daughter started dancing at Candy Apples at 3 years old. We didn’t know anything about CADC or know anyone who danced there; we simply chose it because it was close to home & the class schedule worked for our excited little ballerina. We had no idea at the time what a great decision it would be or where it would lead our daughter. Nine years later, that little preschooler is now 12 years old, taking nine classes a week and starting her 4th year on the competition team. She has discovered that dance is her passion and what she wants to do for a living. Candy Apples and the amazing teachers she’s had there have ignited that passion and supported it & kept it going with every class, every recital, every competition. They push & encourage her, they have her best interests at heart and we couldn’t ask for a better studio or better teachers for her to spend so many hours with every week. We love that they have known her since she was so small and watching the progress she makes under their guidance from year to year is incredible. We feel so lucky that blindly choosing CADC all those years ago turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made for her.


We asked our “Dance Mom’s” why they choose CADC year after year, here’s what a few of them had to say!

Lori Jones-Stokes 19 years ago we walked into CADC and they met us with open arms and we have been family ever since. All five of my children danced at CADC at one time. My eldest daughter Janae danced, competed and was a demonstrator for 14 years before a knee injury did not permit her to dance any longer. My youngest, Darius, at age 3, was just “taking one class” because he wanted to dance like his older sister. Now he’s 16, still dancing while playing football and basketball and holds many dance titles. I never dreamed of being a dance mom this long, but I have no regrets because at CADC everyone is truly a family. Our children have made forever friendships and the parents have too all while being taught the art of dance in the most amazing way. We support each other even outside of dance. The bond created over the many years at CADC is forever unbreakable.

Teresa Fox CADC is an award winning studio with caring and compassionate faculty that encourage students to succeed both on and off the dance floor. They recognize that each student is unique and focus on strengthening their individual talents that when put together collectively create a beautiful mosaic.

Chella Ulrich Wherley Making the decision to come dance at CADC was one of the best decisions we made . Eva has been in the competition team for 7 years now . The teachers have embraced Eva and have nurtured her love to dance . Eva not only is learning dance but has grown in her self confidence and self esteem . She has made some great friends and we love our dance family . We live out of town and drive 30 minutes to come to dance but seeing how far Eva has grown as a dancer makes it all worth it ! 💚

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